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Northern Ireland adopts new guidance on homeopathy

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 23, 2010

And it is not good news for the homeopaths. Following on the footsepts of the UK House of Commons Science committee report, the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland also advised caution on the part of consumers when it comes to homeopathic magic pills.

The draft guidance from the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland proposes that patients buying homeopathic products be “appropriately advised that there is no scientific or clinical evidence base for the efficacy of homeopathic products, beyond a placebo effect”.

It adds that signs should be positioned close to the products, recommending patients seek further advice from the pharmacist before purchase.

Commenting on the draft guidance, Brendan Kerr from the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, said homeopathy was not a risk free form of alternative health treatment.

“There are real dangers that a patient using homeopathic products may be failing to seek appropriate diagnosis of a more serious underlying condition,” he said.

“Therefore, in our role of protecting patient safety in pharmacy, it is appropriate and necessary that formal professional guidance be issued to pharmacists on this matter.”

Yes, big signs in big, red, all capital letters, with a picture of a crossed skull and the word “WARNING” on top! That ought to do it I think.


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