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How not to report news

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on May 12, 2010

BABY DIES AFTER RECEIVING HEP B VACCINATION, screams the headline. One need not read the rest of the article, because the headline tells it all, the Hep B vaccine killed the baby, right? Well, yes, if you’re only looking for sensational headlines that is. Here’s how the story goes:

The one-month old baby was given the shot at 9:30 a.m. Saturday at Shidao Hospital in Hongmei Township, Nan’an City, a county-level city in Quanzhou, the baby’s mother Huang Ali claimed.

“After the vaccination, he became fidgety and cried a lot after we returned home half an hour later,” she said, adding that he had been a healthy baby.

She claimed that she found her son’s limbs were cold and his nose were bleeding at 1 am on Sunday, and she rushed him to Shidao Hospital.

“He did not respond to the first-aid,” she said, adding that she suspects that the vaccine administered on her son was low quality, and it caused her son’s death.

Ok, that may, or may not, be a reasonable suspicion. Technically speaking the baby did die at some point in time after the vaccination was received, but what else happened in between those two events? Did the baby eat? Drink? Most likely, and most likely much closer to the time of death than the vaccine. So why does the headline not read “Baby dies after eating?” or something similar? Why that wouldn’t be sensational now would it?  Could there have been some other reason why the baby died? Maybe, we can’t say for sure. All we know is this:

Meanwhile, health specialists from Quanzhou and Nan’an said the baby had died from anoxia, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and lung bleeding, possible signs of suffocation, Xie said.

“The cause of his death will be pinpointed only after autopsy,” Xie added.

Xie said the vaccine was produced by Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co. Ltd. and was distributed by the disease prevention and control center in Quanzhou.

He said the city has sealed all 5,001 doses of the vaccine in stock for quality inspection. He said no other abnormal reactions to the vaccine had been reported after 4,898 doses were used. – Bernama

Ok, so suffocation is one possible culprit here. Not sure how a vaccine can cause suffocation, but I will keep my mind open for some extremely rare reaction, nevertheless there are countless other ways little babies suffocate, such as SIDS, which also affects little babies as they sleep.

So I guess the only thing we can say for sure at this point is that we do not know why this baby died. He did die about 16 hours after the shot, but no causal link can be made at this point. Let us see if anything comes out of the autopsy. But, don’t be an idiot and pretend to know what happened here; no one does yet.

Applied Kinesiology – How it’s Done

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Infections cause 68 pct of child deaths, study finds

Posted in News by Skepdude on May 12, 2010


More than two thirds of the estimated 8.8 million deaths in children under five worldwide in 2008 were caused by infectious diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria, according to a study on behalf of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The study, published in the Lancet on Wednesday, found that infectious diseases caused 68 percent of deaths in under fives, led by pneumonia (18 percent, 1.58 million children), diarrhea (15 percent, 1.34 million) and malaria (8 percent, 0.73 million).

High-income countries account for only around one percent of the under-five deaths, and almost half of such deaths occurred in five countries — India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, and China.


Oh Mike, how you amuse me!

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on May 12, 2010

So Mike wrote a blog entry about the problems they are having with the flu vaccine in Australia. The flu vaccine was stopped because there was an unusually high number of adverse effects, and they are now looking into it to figure out why. Well, no need for them to do it, Mike already has the answer. Now instead of poking fun at Mike, I ……ah what the hell let us have some fun. Let me rewrite a portion Mike’s flu vaccine entry, but substituting for the romaine lettuce e-coli issue.

Romain lettuce has sent 19 people into the hospital with life-threatening E. coli O145, reports The Internet. This lettuce was being give to humans to “protect” them from hunger, but after receiving the salad, these humans started going into hemolytic uremic syndrome.

An investigation has revealed that there is no quality control problem with any particular batch of lettuce. They all pass quality control, in other words, so the convulsions are being caused by what is intentionally put into the lettuce, not by some mistaken chemical contaminant.

This, of course, baffles non-organic agriculturers who have all been told that pesticides are perfectly safe and could never harm anyone. So rather than pausing to consider what might be contained in the lettuce that’s causing people to go into hemolytic uremic syndrome, they charge ahead with the recommendation that even more people should eat greens.

Fucking lettuce man, I’ve always said that lettuce causes E. Coli and here is proof!

Ok, fun’s over let us look at some of Mike’s actual claims and see if they stand the test of ……research!

  1. Influenza vaccines have sent 57 children into life-threatening convulsions True. from what I’ve been able to find out. It appears about 57 children went into convulsions and about 200 others had high fevers right after receiving the shot. This incidence of side effects is higher than the expected 0.001-0.0001% that is expected, thus the suspension of further flu vaccinations for kids under 5 in Australia.
  2. An investigation has revealed that there is no quality control problem with any particular batch of influenza vaccines True. An investigation by the manufacturer has failed to find any abnormalities with the vaccines.
  3. Conventional doctors have all been told that vaccines are perfectly safe and could never harm anyone.Bullshit! That is flat-out wrong. Vaccines have side effects. This is a well-known fact and no doctor will, or should, tell any parent that vaccines are “perfectly safe and could never harm anyone!”. The probability of the side effects is quite low, but they are not non-existent. The CDC has a nice web page listing the side effects by vaccine. So how exactly is it that doctors are claiming that vaccines could never harm anyone? So either the doctors Mike’s listening to are complete incompetents, or he is …confused, about statistics.
  4. So rather than pausing to consider what might be contained in the vaccines that’s causing children to go into convulsions, they charge ahead with the recommendation that even more people should get vaccines.Wrong. Is Mike even reading the news about this flu vaccine issue in Australia?  When the unusually high number of side effects happened the flu vaccination campaign was suspended for all children under 5 years over there. Batches are being tested to figure out why this happened. How exactly is that not “pausing to consider what might be contained in the vaccines that’s causing children to go into convulsions”?
  5. In reality, an immune system can only invoke an adaptive response when it is properly nourished with vitamin D. WOW! Just wow. He’s either a genious or…….