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Christian doesn’t like the idea of free choice

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on July 22, 2010

…when it comes to euthanasia that is. Below is a video about a “controversial” billboard which advocates patient’s right to choose euthanasia when medical circumstances are hopeless. Of course, some douchebag christian must take the “moral” stance against such ghastly idea. Coming from a religion whose deity voluntarily chose to kill himself, this desire to deny suffering patients the right to end their pain sounds a little bit hypocritical of course. Take a look at the video and let us deconstruct this bag-o’-douche’s “arguments”.

Let’s get to it.

“from the catholic perspective, and from people of faith is that life is a gift from god, and that we as human beings are required and have a responsibility to help safeguard and guarantee the dignity of life, no matter how someone may be ailing”

Isn’t that nice? Don’t you just feel the christian love oozing out of the good ol’ christian? I do, especially when he ends his “argument” by basically saying he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the pain the person may be going through! Moving on, the “catholic perspective” only comes into play when the person considering euthanasia actually gives a shit about said perspective, in which case he wouldn’t go though with the plan. Furthermore, the “catholic perspective” only applies to catholics, euthanasia doesn’t, or is he implying that The Perspective must be forced unto all, regardless of religious orientation?

“Life is a gift from god”

I see, god gifted some with a long life full of misery and pain, and apparently has instructed his people to ensure, at all costs, that these poor souls live as long as possible, so that their pain and suffering may be prolonged to the maximum, all for some mysterious, divine purpose I assume. He is a loving god after all, no? If life is a gift from god, then for some people it is a horrible gift that this beacon of christian morality wants to forbid from returning.

And what can ensure the dignity of one’s life more than horrible, unimaginable, never-ending pain and misery? Why more of the same of course, so keep the sucker alive, don’t allow him a rest, don’t give him respite, he must go on living “no matter how someone may be ailing“. What a loving sentiment for fellow human beings. Is this the new golden rule?

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