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How To Fail At Atheism

Posted in Atheist Blogger by Skepdude on May 29, 2009


Well this is quite an amusing story, so I thought I’d share it with you. Earlier this month, I received a message on Facebook from a girl named Jennie.

I just have to thank you. In ways you may never understand, you helped me to become a Christian.

I used to be very much like yourself. Then, two weeks ago, as a result of reading your blog, I became one of those people you hate. Thank you so much. You are probably at least a little offended by this, but I felt I needed to let you know.

Obviously I was a little confused (and concerned) about her predicament. Confused because she seemed to think I hated Christians, and concerned because she had become one. I asked her to explain, and we sent a few messages to each other. She said I came across as very angry in some of my posts; I said I was only angry at justifiable things (like parents murdering children, or newspapers lying about students). She even prophesied this blog post, saying, “I’m sure you’ll be making fun of me on your blog eventually”. Of course such a prophecy was self-fulfilling, because her final response to me, where she finally explained how I was responsible for her Christianity, was just too funny not to post.


YouTube Censorship Continues

Posted in Atheist Blogger by Skepdude on April 1, 2009

YouTube seems to be becoming as controversial as its parent company Google, but whilst Google has been criticized for its terrible privacy policies, YouTube has turned to the censorship side of things. Gone were the days when you could criticize and say what you wanted (within reason) on YouTube. Now anyone with an army of followers can get accounts suspended for no good reason. Adopting a policy of “guilty until proven innocent”, YouTube takes complaints seriously, a little too seriously if you ask YouTube atheists like Thunderf00t and gogreen18, who have both been suspended for no good reason.

The latest people to get suspended are the Rational Response Squad’s channel, which was controversial and caused a minor uproar a few years back when they released the “Blasphemy Challenge”. YouTube didn’t ban them back then, so it appears very odd that they were banned today. Granted, I don’t know what their latest videos have been about, but YouTube have also banned the James Randi Educational Foundation. I’ve bolded the word that makes this ban seem almost laughable. The JREF is an organization that promotes education about the paranormal, the pseudo-scientific, and the supernatural. It debunks the claims of dangerous people like psychics, and reveals the truth about homeopathic treatments.


“I Tried To Be An Atheist”

Posted in Atheist Blogger by Skepdude on November 23, 2008

I’ve spoken about my Christian friend David a few times on this blog, and I’m getting a chance to see his dad preach on Monday at a Christian Union meeting, so I thought I might talk about him and his beliefs a bit more. Out of respect for his privacy, I’m only referring to him by his first name (as is my policy on these things).

When I met David last year, we talked a lot about religion / Christianity / atheism. He came across to me as a very moderate Christian, the kind that never angers and always smiles (i.e. the most annoying kind). There is being nice, and then there is being so nice you constantly come across as an arrogant condescending moron.

When losing an argument about faith or religion, he would always *without fail* resort to his favourite catchphrase:

I tried to be an atheist…I really tried…

As if he thought this argument was actually worth anything. It is of course, a logical fallacy in many ways. Firstly there is no correlation between failing to do something and the accuracy of what you were trying to attempt. I could say “I tried to be a Christian” or “I tried to be a banana”, but my failure to be either of those doesn’t reflect on their actual veracity as subjects. It only reflects on my personal failure, and as we can easily demonstrate, there are people who have succeeded at being Christians, and there are plenty of bananas in the world (although atheists wish that weren’t so true).


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