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My Trip to The Creation Museum.

Posted in Creationism, Evolution, Skepdude by Skepdude on October 22, 2008

You won’t believe me, but I went with an open mind.

First off, The Creation Museum is located about 30 minutes west of Downtown Cincinatti, in a field off a small country road. Before I drove through the gates, I had to have the right intro music. I could have thrown on some loud heavy metal music, only to further the stereotype of atheists as goth baby eaters; I also could have thrown on some flaming remix of a Cher or Abba song, only to notify the security guards that a homosexual was about to infiltrate. But, instead, I searched within the crypts of my iPod and found CeCe WinansAnybody Wanna Pray With Me?. For a museum in Kentucky, I’m sure I offended somebody.

The parking lot had hundreds of spots, but maybe 40 cars. As my friend and I parked the car, a tractor giving hay rides came chugging by us. A few kids and their grandparents rode, but that was about it. As we found our way to the entrance, no one but a perky security guard was standing out front. By his side was an adorably lazy bloodhound named Mater.

The museum itself was somewhat unsatisfying. At only 70,000 square feet, the structure could hardly be called enormous. In addition, for being The Creation Museum, I expected a big sign yelling its name; instead, there was just a small marquee above the door. It was so forgettable I didn’t even take a photograph.


If the lord wishes a sponge to think…it thinks!

Posted in Evolution by Skepdude on July 23, 2008

Hat tip to Skepchick for posting this first. From Inherit The Wind, the Skopes trial movie. I must watch this movie, this scene is absolutely fantastic.

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