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Skepnews – 7/23/08

Posted in Skepnews by Skepdude on July 23, 2008

  • 19 year old Christian boy beaten to death for courting 19 year old Muslim girl – Muslim family became ruthless with Peter’s mother. They decided tie girl’s knot with a Muslim man, as soon as possible. By utilizing Muslim girl’s innocent love, they rang Peter and forced the girl to call him at some desolate place. He at once hired a motorbike and went to that secluded place – to his death, where girl’s two uncles and her father manhandled him brutally. “They took Peter by force. They trussed him and tortured him for almost two days. Peter could not bear the severity of the torture and died eventually.” And this was for merely talking to an intolerant, hard line Muslim neighbor’s girl on the phone. Was it such a severe matter that he had to disburse a grave cost of it? – Of course not! But this is what religion does to people. It teaches them not to think, not to use common sense, but to blindly follow dogma. In fact, I think religion is the killer of common sense. It is truly and really a wolf disguised in sheep’s skin.
  • Astrologers pick king coronation date In 2008 the country formally became a constitutional monarchy and the king relinquished his absolute powers. Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley said three enlightened astrologers had jointly proposed 6 November as the most auspicious date for the coronation. – Say, who better than astrologers to pick the coronation date of a powerless king?
  • Brain damage from “detoxification” diet The High Court heard Dawn Page, 52, began vomiting uncontrollably after starting The Amazing Hydration Diet. The court heard Mrs Page, from Faringdon, near Swindon, claimed Mrs Nash told her to drink large amounts of water and reduce her salt intake when she started the diet in October 2001.Her husband Geoff, 54, said: “Her life has been seriously affected, perhaps ruined, by this fad-type way of losing weight, which I can only say is a dangerous method of weight loss.” – Well I guess we’re gonna have to rely on the foot bath bucket to get our daily dose of detoxification!
  • Waren Jeffs indicted A Texas grand jury on Tuesday charged the jailed polygamist leader of a breakaway Mormon sect with sexually assaulting a child and indicted five followers after state officials raided a polygamist ranch near Eldorado in April. Jeffs has already been sentenced in a Utah court to 10 years to life in prison as an accomplice to rape for forcing a 14-year-old girl to marry her 19-year-old first cousin. He is in jail in Arizona awaiting trial on similar charges for arranged marriages there. – Good for Texas!