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Ken Ham: “I bask in the praise of the ignorant!”

Posted in Happy Jihads House of Pancakes by Skepdude on November 23, 2008

Ken Ham, young earth creationism’s PR guy, just can’t get over how fucking fantastic his weird museum is and how easily impressed his visitors are. He has his own blog as an adjunct to the AiG site: Around the World with Ken Ham.

And Ken Ham’s monument to ignorance is really fuckinggreat, just ask people who don’t know anything about evolution!

“We very much enjoyed visiting the museum and spending a few moments with you. We were very impressed with the quality of the museum and overjoyed for our boys to be in a place that reinforced everything we have been teaching them.”

See? It neither challenged the youngsters nor encouraged original thinking! It’s everything that bad parents could possibly want in a museum!

Oh, Ham’s Answers magazine is also fuckinggreat, and again this is according to people who are unworthy to sniff the chairs in a bio 101 class room after a summer night class when the air conditioning is out.

I’ve been studying (and teaching) Genesis in the Bible for years, and this issue ties everything all together in a neat little package for me! I’m am absolutely unscientifically oriented, but you have made everything so understandable.

Hold on. Did I read that correctly?