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Oh Mike, how you amuse me!

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on May 12, 2010

So Mike wrote a blog entry about the problems they are having with the flu vaccine in Australia. The flu vaccine was stopped because there was an unusually high number of adverse effects, and they are now looking into it to figure out why. Well, no need for them to do it, Mike already has the answer. Now instead of poking fun at Mike, I ……ah what the hell let us have some fun. Let me rewrite a portion Mike’s flu vaccine entry, but substituting for the romaine lettuce e-coli issue.

Romain lettuce has sent 19 people into the hospital with life-threatening E. coli O145, reports The Internet. This lettuce was being give to humans to “protect” them from hunger, but after receiving the salad, these humans started going into hemolytic uremic syndrome.

An investigation has revealed that there is no quality control problem with any particular batch of lettuce. They all pass quality control, in other words, so the convulsions are being caused by what is intentionally put into the lettuce, not by some mistaken chemical contaminant.

This, of course, baffles non-organic agriculturers who have all been told that pesticides are perfectly safe and could never harm anyone. So rather than pausing to consider what might be contained in the lettuce that’s causing people to go into hemolytic uremic syndrome, they charge ahead with the recommendation that even more people should eat greens.

Fucking lettuce man, I’ve always said that lettuce causes E. Coli and here is proof!

Ok, fun’s over let us look at some of Mike’s actual claims and see if they stand the test of ……research!

  1. Influenza vaccines have sent 57 children into life-threatening convulsions True. from what I’ve been able to find out. It appears about 57 children went into convulsions and about 200 others had high fevers right after receiving the shot. This incidence of side effects is higher than the expected 0.001-0.0001% that is expected, thus the suspension of further flu vaccinations for kids under 5 in Australia.
  2. An investigation has revealed that there is no quality control problem with any particular batch of influenza vaccines True. An investigation by the manufacturer has failed to find any abnormalities with the vaccines.
  3. Conventional doctors have all been told that vaccines are perfectly safe and could never harm anyone.Bullshit! That is flat-out wrong. Vaccines have side effects. This is a well-known fact and no doctor will, or should, tell any parent that vaccines are “perfectly safe and could never harm anyone!”. The probability of the side effects is quite low, but they are not non-existent. The CDC has a nice web page listing the side effects by vaccine. So how exactly is it that doctors are claiming that vaccines could never harm anyone? So either the doctors Mike’s listening to are complete incompetents, or he is …confused, about statistics.
  4. So rather than pausing to consider what might be contained in the vaccines that’s causing children to go into convulsions, they charge ahead with the recommendation that even more people should get vaccines.Wrong. Is Mike even reading the news about this flu vaccine issue in Australia?  When the unusually high number of side effects happened the flu vaccination campaign was suspended for all children under 5 years over there. Batches are being tested to figure out why this happened. How exactly is that not “pausing to consider what might be contained in the vaccines that’s causing children to go into convulsions”?
  5. In reality, an immune system can only invoke an adaptive response when it is properly nourished with vitamin D. WOW! Just wow. He’s either a genious or…….

Stupid quote of the day

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on January 25, 2010

All hail Mike Adams, because the kind of idiocy this guy spews is no ordinary idiocy. No no, this is high level, royal, Prince of England, kind of idiocy; you know the kind that makes you feel bad for the guy because it is actually borderline clinically diagnosable as a mental illness (for the dense, the previous was a joke I am not actually diagnosing him as a mental case; we’ll leave that to Steve Novella, LOL!) .

It appears that now he has succumbed to his illness and has deluded himself into thinking that he has us, the evil Skeptics, figured out. Reading his entry, I had my blood start boiling; I mean who are these evil people? They’re so heartless and stupid and close-minded and just overall bad! They wanna stick kids with 900 vaccines all at one time! RUUUN! Actually no, we don’t want to do that, we’re not acupuncturists you see!

I can’t take on all the stupid that he spews in that entry, because I do have a real life to live, but let me pull out just one little gem, with which I rest my case:

Skeptics believe that the human body has no ability to defend itself against invading microorganism and that the only things that can save people from viral infections are vaccines.

Really Mike? Come on, even you can’t be that far removed from reality! It seems you “research” ability is lacking as well, poor sap! See what we do really believe, and all the medical science backs us on this, is that the body does indeed have an ability to defend itself against invading microorganisms, and we refer to such ability as the Immune System; you may have heard of it. Furthermore, the point of said vaccines is to “train” this ability, which you accuse us of  disbelieving in, so that it can become better at fighting those little nasty microorganisms. Anyone who knows even the slightest bit about skeptics knows that the statement in the quote is factually wrong, in this universe, and all the parallel ones! Which Universe are you operating on Mike, because it seems your body lives on this one, while your mind rests somewhere else!

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A ghoul descends upon Christina Applegate’s “maimed” body

Posted in Respectful Insolence by Skepdude on August 25, 2008

This is getting to be nauseatingly frequent.

As my blog bud Mark Hoofnagle pointed out, the hard-core “alternative medicine” mavens, in particular that despicable promoter of quackery and distrust of scientific medicine who runs one of the two or three largest repositories of antiscience and quackery in existence, Mike Adams, seem to have decided that a lovely new tactic would be to descend upon every celebrity death or battle with serious disease, ghoul-like, and blame their deaths or suffering on conventional medicine rather than disease. Both PalMD and I noted this particularly vile tactic applied to the recent death of former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, and Adams has done the same thing in response to the deaths of Tim Russert (whose death he blamed on the heart medications Russert was taking), Heath Ledger, and Bernie Mac as well. Oddly enough, the ghoul appears not to have descended upon the corpse of Isaac Hayes yet, even though every indication is that Hayes, having suffered a stroke a while back, died of another stroke. Maybe it’s because Hayes was a prominent Scientologist, and even Adams is afraid of messing with the Church of Scientology. Maybe it’s because, before his turning to Scientology, Hayes was so über-cool that even Adams fears messing with his memory. Who knows?

Last week, it turned out that Mike Adams, at least, doesn’t even need to have a dead celebrity as an excuse to torture science. All he needs is a celebrity with cancer who decided to pursue science-based therapy. This time around, in response to Christina Applegate’s battle with breast cancer and decision to undergo bilateral mastectomies, Adams has published yet another of his spittle-flecked screeds, this time charmingly entitled Christina Applegate Maimed by Surgeons with Double Mastectomy Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis. This article is yet more indication that Mike Adams is about as low as they come. The word “scum” is too good for him. Just check out how his article starts out:


The latest scummy tactic of altie med – blaming medicine for celebrity deaths.

Posted in Altie Meds, Denialism by Skepdude on August 22, 2008

A fellow medical student once asked me why I thought people become hostile to science-based medicine. Certainly our own failures contribute. When we have no treatments for a disease, or if the treatments themselves may also incur significant morbidity, it is understandable that patients will become disillusioned with what doctors have to offer.

However there is another cause for this hostility towards medicine, and it isn’t the occasional crank scibling with an axe to grind against MDs. It’s the constant anti-science propaganda being spouted out by the hawkers of alternative medicine.

Orac and others have despaired over the infiltration of woo into mainstream medicine under a banner of tolerance and the noble goal of avoiding confrontation with patients over deeply-held beliefs. However this has proved more and more a tactical error as we’ve seen that CAM and altie medicine do not seek detente but is at war with legitimate medicine and science itself. Besides the fact that there is no good reason to water down medical school with unproven nonsense and the latest placebo fad being sold by crooks, alternative medicine should not be taught because doing so is not just a failing to meet the barbarians at the gate, but is actively inviting them in to destroy everything we’ve worked for.