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Giant Fake snake monster photos

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on February 19, 2009

Via Benjamin Bradford over at we get these alleged photos of a giant snake monster in the Baleh river in Borneo. Judge for yourself.


Looks ameteruishly fake to me and way bigger than the 100ft estimate, looks morelike 100 meters.


This one looks even faker than the first one, I mean look at the “ripples” around its body, close to it’s head. Does that look anything like real water ripples? The color, the shape everything looks wrong. And Ben Radford makes a great point, if these people got close enough to take one snapshot, how is it that in both cases they only took one snapshot? Wouldn’t you expect the photographer to snap at least a few times? Suspicious indeed.

Final verdict- They’re obvious fakes. It’s interesting that people are still interested in lake/river monsters now a day though no?