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Tarot card reading can get confusing

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on January 27, 2009

Here is what appears to be a short, honest description of one person’s experience with reading Tarot cards. She picked up a deck, taught herself and proceeded in reading the futures of friends, and her own. I am ok with that, however I coudn’t shake the feeling that the person is herself a little confused about the supposed accuracy of the whole process. Here’s a couple of quotes:

I’ve had skeptics that approached me for a reading, only to dismiss everything I’d said. It was frustrating, because I knew I was wasting my time trying to convince someone who was already determined not to believe what the cards said.

Guilty as charged. I am fairly confident that Tarot cards are a bunch of BS. It seems to me that she is frustrated because the skeptics did not take her word for it, but that’s not very clear it’s just my interpretation of her words. Moving along!

I have been a slight skeptic from the start. I realized later that it’s good to have a little skepticism, because it has prevented me from becoming obsessed with Tarot cards and relying on them completely.

Ah, ok so we can’t rely on the Tarot cards completely. So how much do we on them, a little? How much is enough? What are the rules, the guidelines? I guess the skeptic had a point. Is it possible that this lady pretty much knows the cards don’t work and is trying to have her cake and eat it too? The above two quotes basically say: “It’s frustrating that the skeptics don’t trust the cards, nevertheless we can’t rely on the cards too much!”. Hmmm, head scratcher!

I had no problem reading the cards for others, but as the years passed I read them for myself less often. I felt that I shouldn’t have to rely on a pack of cards to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.

Ok, and her problem with the skeptics was???? She doesn’t sound like she cares much about what the cards say anyway. They’re not reliable completely and don’t let them tell you what to do, or not to do. Then why waste time reading them? Entertainment value maybe? That I can understand.

Even so, I found that my readings became more accurate despite the fact that I read them so little.

Perhaps I had gained more insight. Maybe I cared for them more than I had realized. Whatever it was, I was more confident in my ability to read them accurately.

If the readings were getting more accurate, wouldn’t you expect her to practice even more? If she’s so confident in her ability why doubt the whole process? For doubt it she does undeniably. Here’s how she closes the article:

Whatever it is that happened, I know that I am in control of my own life, no matter what the picture on a card may tell me.

Therefore the only thing that the cards must have been accurately telling her is that she’s in control of her own life, and the cards can’t tell jacks@$t about the future. But we all know that don’t we? And something tells me she knows that too!