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Movie to ‘Push’ dubious psychic powers

Posted in News by Skepdude on February 6, 2009

The movie “Push,” in theaters Feb. 6, is about a group of young Americans with various psychic abilities who team up to use their paranormal powers against a shadowy U.S. government agency tracking them.

One of the psychic powers featured in the film is psychokinesis, also known as telekinesis or, less formally, “mind over matter.”

The idea of people being able to move objects through mind power alone has intrigued people for centuries, though only in the late 1800s did it become popular and seen as an ability that could be demonstrated. This occurred during the heyday of Spiritualism, when psychic mediums claimed to contact the dead during séances, and objects would suddenly and mysteriously move, float, or fly by themselves across the darkened room, untouched by human hands.