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Close Encounters of the Woo Kind – Tatyana Sibirskaya

Posted in Skepdude, Woo by Skepdude on October 16, 2008

You can find Tatyana’s add at the event brochure on page 8. This is what Tatyana claims she can do:

✶ Tatyana sees all the organs of a human body and discovers its defects before they can be   detected by any medical tests.

✶ With the help of power which goes beyond our habitual conception of energy and never touching a patient’s body Tatyana heals people from diseases many of which the modern medicine consider incurable.

Amazing. This lady has two powers, not one. First, X-ray vision. She can see the organs and detect problems before they are detectable by our most advanced technology. Wow! She can see through your body, flesh and clothes be damned. Apparently she’s better than the actual X-ray, MRI and a myriad other medical techniques to detect problems. With this sort of claim, surely she must have been tested successfully and must have beaten such mundane techniques in diagnosing problems. Actually I can’t find anything to that effect, nevertheless I am not spending more than 2 min on this insanity. If anyone has any interesting links, feel free to leave them on the comments section.

A young girl, by the name of Natasha Demkina, making this claim was actually tested by Ray Hyman, Richard Wiseman and Andrew Skolnick and her disappointing results were reported by the Skeptical Inquirer magazine. As you may already suspect she flunked with flying colors. I suspect Tatyana is cut from the same cloth as Natasha. Who knows, they may even be related.

Her second amazing power, is basically therapeutic touch, the “art” and “science” of healing by waving one’s hands overs the suspected sick person. Now, I don’t know if she does the hand waving and all that nonsense, her actual claim seems to imply that she’s manipulating some sort of energy without touching the person. Incredible,  all you have to do is have this woman look you up and down, not touch you, and bam you’re healed and relieved of all that extra weight you’re carrying in your wallet by the way.

Hey think about it this way, if you pay by credit card, and you pay your bill on time, Tatyana is helping you build good credit! Yay!

If you check out the website that is referred to in the ad you see a short introduction, contact info, an interview and, of course, a few testimonials; the usual quack nonsense. Here’s a more in depth description of Tatyana’s powers:

She sees all the organs in a person and their defects without touching the body. Tanya’s abilities come forth in cases of cardiovascular diseases, urological and gynecological female disorders. From her unique concentration of energy she is able to destroy kidney stones and gallstones. She can also demolish the center of formation in high cholesterol patients. Through her abilities, Tanya sites tumors, cysts and other neoplasms on the internal organs of men, women and children and destroys them.

A meeting with Tanya will give you the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive report about the condition of all your organs to the smallest capillaries.

Excellent! I think I shall meet this lady, I am a little worried about my capillaries, all 25,000 miles of them (by some estimates). Wow, she must be really thorough on her capillary comprehensive report.

And here’s an interview with Tati:

Q. You not only see affected organs you can treat them as well. How do you do that?
A. I concentrate my thought and my sight on the affected organs and through me the powerful energy from the outside transfers into person…

Q. How many sessions does a person need as a rule?

A. There’s no rule here. It’s very individual. During your diagnosis consultation you will be told.

Q. Do you have to see your patient or you can do it without visual contact?
A. Both.

Q. What do you feel when you start working with a patient?
A. It’s hard work and I feel very tired because I filtrate the patient’s suffering.

Q. Do you practice group therapy?
A. Yes.

Boy she must be exhausted by group therapy. Phew, talk about filtrating a whole group’s suffering. Poor lady, so selfless.


Tatyana (or Tatiana depending on the source) does not seem to have a real case.  It seems quite probable that she cannot see through anyone’s body nor heal anyone, not without touching them anyway. She claims to diagnose a tumor that cannot be seen by anyone else, heal it through her energy field so it is not longer there (even though you had no confirmation it was there to begin with), so that when your doctors checks you out he will not find anything (which he wasn’t able to do to begin with according to her). So all you have to go with is her word folks. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be very comfortable with this lady’s word. If you still feel like going and seeing her and spending money on her, you will officially be a moron, maybe desperate and being taken advantage off, but still a moron!