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William Dembski talking dumbski

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on September 30, 2009

So William Dembski has a problem with Blasphemy Day, the holiest day of the year (that’s me being ironic in case a retarded person stumbles upon this entry. Sorry regular readers I have to make this idiot proof!) ! Wow. Now why an intelligent designer (it’s not creationism or religion remember?) would even get involved in this, in the official ID blog as well, beats me, but that’s not the only problem. The dumbness of the following statement is really mind boggling and, I think, at the very least refutes the argument of intelligent design in Dembski himself.

Since Darwin is their god, it would be interesting to submit to this contest true statements about Darwin’s less than divine attributes.


So Dembski thinks that atheists worship Darwin! Oh boy! Either he is purposefully engaging in a straw man or he really is that confused. I honestly can’t tell. Can you?

Where is the “theo” in biology textbooks?

Posted in Edger by Skepdude on August 26, 2008

Dembski is terribly wrong on so many counts that he has to be either terribly ignorant or is simply obfuscating the facts to pander to his religious base. By asking where is the “god speak” in a biology textbook, Dembski has shown us (yes, old news) that ID is all about shoving god into science and down the throats of children, destroying science education in the process. What Dembski did not realize is that there is no “god talk” nor “atheist talk” in the theory of evolution itself because  the theory does not make any claim whatsoever about the existence or non-existence of a god. God isn’t mentioned in the description of the theory of gravitation, yet we don’t see IDists demanding to know where the “theo” is in gravity. There is no mention of religion in the weather forecast either and no ID creationist so far has claimed that god should be involved in the description of weather cycles.